Don’t Judge


Editor:- Mrinali

This story is about a mother and a daughter.How her mother taught her daughter about not to judge others by seeing external appearance.

One day while watching Tv, her 15 year daughter(Priya) asked her, “Mom, why are they not allowing him to enter and why are his parents also not doing anything? Is he a bad guy?”. By listening to what her daughter asked  Neelima  said, “Baby he is not a bad guy. He is just different from us. Let me put it this way, I am a girl and your dad is boy, you can differentiate but he is not either. Not a boy nor a girl.”

For that her daughter asked,”Then is that the reason they are doing it? Is it that bad mama? If I am like that you will also abandon me like that mama?”. 

By listening to that Neelima answered, “Baby why would I do something like that? You are our precious baby. How can we do that? And its not bad baby its just the people around him are not good.” She explained. “Baby listen its not his fault he is like that.He is also a human just like us. We need to differentiate people by seeing how they behave not by appearnce or looks.” She added. “Baby you should also treat people by their attitude not by their gender.”

“Ok mama,I promise.” Her daughter agreed. “Mama is he only one or are there many others like him.” Her daughter asked.

“Yes, there are. There is a community named LGBTQ+. That means lesbian, gay, bisexual, trangender and queer.” Neelima explained.

“I won’t say anything in detail but you need to treat all humans equally and you need to respect them. When someone says –  He is that or this, just remember what I said to you. Don’t listen to others.” “Ok mama.” Her daughter answered and Neelima asked her daughter to go to bed.

After 1 Year.

As usual Priya went to class.

When she was about to sit near a girl named Suchitra, all the students in the class room started looking at her weirdly.

She didn’t know what was happening and started wondering. Then suddenly Suchitra said,” They are looking at you because you are sitting with me.” “Why?”, Priya asked for which she didn’t get any response. And then teacher started the class so she couldn’t ask any further.

Soon it was lunch break. Priya normally had a habit of going out to eat. So while she is going out some of her classmates came to her and said, “Why did you seat beside her? Don’t you know She is not a girl.” By listening to that Priya didn’t give any reaction and replied “Hmm, Transgender right. So?”

“Don’t you feel anything then?”, they asked.

”What should I feel?”, Priya asked. Then those group of girls suddenly became quite and didn’t say anything.

Priya continued to ask, “Why you girls are avoiding her like that? Because she is different from us ? why should you treat her like that.” 

Priya pointed one of them in that group and said, “Last time you weren’t ablt to pay fees. Suchitra was the one who helped you to pay that right? And you Sunita, she went to your house and convinced your parents to let you join modelling. Thats what you should remember not her gender. You should be grateful to her and her friendship.” Priya explained. “It’s not the other’s but her own friends and their words hurting her.”

Those girls suddenly felt ashamed by listening to what Priya said and went to Suchitra. They all apologized for how they treated her despite their friendship.

Suchitra got stunned by listening to Priya’s thoughts.Even her parents weren’t able to accept her but by listening to Priya’s words. She felt that there are still good people in this world. She accepted the apology and thanked Priya for it as well.

Imagine if there wasn’t, Priya in this class what would have happened to her.Would she be able continue her college? Maybe she might not bear all this things and sucide. 

So, everyone should think before they do things so as not to regret later. Everyone should judge others based of their attitude. How they talk to us or things they do, not by gender or how they look.

My name is Siri Susmitha . I always tries to write the stories that are close to reality and loves to try different & new things.

Insta id:siri_susmitha.b


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