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Rejuvenating Nature

The forest sings my name,

As I go flying wildly tame

I could see the ants,

Beseeching their fellow ants.

Carrying the drops of remaining nectar, From the flowers which are swaying. Rain dripping on to the golden mud Rejuvenating the soil,

Roots beautifully emerging from the holy grail.

Mother Earth heaps her children, With all the nature’s desires.

Yet we fail to care for her.

She dies making us live

She lives to make us live.

She rejuvenates herself

But also rejuvenates our lives.

With hand in hand,

Heart to heart,

Let’s commence Rejuvenating Nature.

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I am Naushin. Completed Masters in Biotechnology and got into the field of science communication. I have been working as an editorial assistant for the past two years. I created a page in Instagram where I communicate about the latest discoveries in a simplified version. My long term goal is to become a scientist and an entrepreneur.

Email – nausheenariff@gmail.com

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/sciweeds/


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