I Want to be Me, I Want to be Mine!

So, let’s have a talk.
Tell me, is it even safe to have a walk?
You state wearing those dresses,
Is what that messes.
When the clock strikes seven,
You start to raven.
Just because our eyes met,
As a target I am set .
Just because you have power,
You make me open up like a flower.

So, let’s have a talk.
Tell me, 
Was it my bikini?
Or was it the slit on my dress?
Length decides my morals,
Time decides my value, 
You’re so hard to impress.
And now you are ignoring, 
The holes caused by your piercing gazes.

So tell me,
It was just all my fault,
That I became the victim of assault?
How am I supposed to trust,
When all I see is people with lust?
I guess we are called women,
Just to woo-men?

You treat me like I am a piece of steak.
You call me chick,
And make me seem weak?
Just because I leak?
Just because you felt so,
You can tape me?
You can rape me?
We are supposed to succumb,
Just because we are made to cum?

So tell me,
Just because I blame,
I am lame?
You say she’s looking for fame.
That’s how you tame,
Saying she has no shame.

You treat me like you own me,
And I can never be free.
Maybe I am just a tree.
Supposed to hold onto my roots,
And give you fruits?
Satisfying your smuts,
I need to suppress my voice?
Because I have no other choice…?
Being born as a women makes me pay the price.
My breast,
Is your feast.
You don’t care if I am hurt,
All you see is that I am covered in dirt!
Is that my only worth?!

You pick me as your bride,
And keep me tied.
Who made us so vulnerable?
Who made these authoritarian rules?
It was you fools!
You didn’t see our worth,
We are the ones that give birth.

So let’s have a talk.
Tell me.
Why am I supposed to follow your rules?
I want to be mine.
Not dinner serving for you fools.

I want to be….
Like the light reflecting off the sea.
Dancing to my heart’s content,
On my own rhythm and beat.
Not bound by you or your needs,
Not someone whose safety comes at your heed.
I want to be me,
I want to be mine!

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Just another cliched small-town girl on a magical quest to achieve my dreams. Fashion stylist and Designer by profession. Introvert!? * Low-key, I guess! (“Want to know about my secrets,” ask Mr. Moon) Creative, inquisitive soul. A cage smasher, a seeker for new adventures. Diver?! For details. Writing ignites a flame in me; it tickles my bones, liberates me, challenges my bounds, annihilates me, provokes me, piques my interest, heals me, and makes me feel accomplished. I work with emotions, catching every nuance of the moment and infusing it with new vitality.

Instagram- https://instagram.com/shweta_ranjane/

Email- shwetavijayranjane@gmail.com

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