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It’s All About The Timing.

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She started to contemplate. “Is it the timing?” she asked herself. “This is not the regular timing but the Divine Timing.”

It’s 7:43 pm, there was so much hustle-bustle around her earlier. But now everything came at rest. How, with this sudden change of time, changed everything around her, with the span of a blink? She was anxious then now relieved; she was restless then now at peace. There is something or someone having a check over her, her desires, her need, or her destiny.

Who is this?

She started to contemplate. “Is it the timing?” she asked herself. “This is not the regular timing but the Divine Timing.”

Sometimes everything appears to be destined. Is there a “destiny” ahead of us which does everything before us even knowing it? Everyone does agree that there are many things which happen without any explanation. Sometimes you think of doing something at a particular time but unfortunately that thing keeps on postponing for no specific reason, and the moment you think of giving up on it, then you realize that that thing has already been done by you and you have no idea how it happened, you were stuck with it a few moments ago and now it’s all done.

What does it show?

It shows that you have no control over things. You are so sure and strong in your belief that you have the whole world in your hand, but the truth is you have control on nothing except your intentions. When you hold something firmly in your heart or mind there is something out there in the universe which begins to manifest it to the reality. The manifestation of that will show up when there comes the ‘right time’.

If everything would have been under the manual control the reality would have been upside down because every individual will act for his/her own benefit keeping aside the well-being of the others. We humans have failed to keep up the peace around us to a vast extent, thus, there is an intervention of some Divine principle who hovers above us to keep life going. Some might identify this Divine principle as God, or Jesus, or Allah, but we all are sure that there is something or someone Above all.

At the end, I would say always have trust that whatever has happened or will happen would be best for all. If you want something in your life just have faith and believe in the Divine Timing because everything happens at a certain time and when it is for you it is Divine. Just be patient. As Aristotle says, 

Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.

Just like now, I was constantly thinking of writing a blog for a couple of days and here I am done with it, and I did not even realize it, this is what Divine Timing is. 

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Hi! I’m Saloni Bajaj. I’m a philosopher who loves to wander in the world of ideas and insights. I try to find meaning of things around and inside me I believe that there’s always a purpose behind everything. Every action, intention and passion has a purpose. For a writer, the purpose is to spread information, knowledge, wisdom, experience and positivity. Being a writer, it becomes a responsibility to spread awareness about crucial things that make life complete. Writing is a gift bestowed to a person with a purpose. I realised this gift at an early age and a few years ago realised the purpose of this gift. There’s a deep desire in me to bring a positive and essential change in the world through my writing. My heart sings when I am in the natural environment, say under the night sky or while watching the sunset with the breeze passing by me. I love watching bats coming from afar (I know it’s weird, but it’s really soothing). I am working on becoming a better version of me by practicing mindfulness.

Email – salonibajaj8@gmail.com

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One response to “It’s All About The Timing.”

  1. You have an amazing observation of everything around you dear. ❤️ Your writing, your purpose, your observation is all what I actually felt inside after reading your commendable work🦋 Go ahead ❤️ People like you can bring the change to this contemporary world❤️🦋 It’s a milestone to mz that I visited your site ❤️🦋 God bless you and give you more strength and let your eagerness to know more turns into a boon for the mankind ❤️🦋


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