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Like A Mirror

Editor : Mrinali

Photo by Jenna Hamra on Pexels.com

I wish to lie,

 just like a mirror.  

So sleek, showing glimpses of glee.

 Prompting promise, 

Prompting praise.

The more I get lost, 

The more I see.

Shadows maybe,

Sinking the skin,  

showing no sign of blinking might tell the truth. 

But the pieces of darkness I collect, 

Don’t show the shadows dyed black.  

The water really shows you fragments of itself. 

Never the truth. 

While it’s shivering in itself, 

It reminds me of myself. 

How there are fishes if clear ,

And heavy stuff sunken to disappear.

 No matter how invisible, 

They’re still there. 

Hello there dear reader. Hope you enjoyed this poem. If you want more such poems from the writer, please like this poem and share it on your social media as well. Thank you so much !!

Mishthi Shukla is a 15 years old Student.

“I write poems to escape the world, I dream to heal people.”

Email- mishthishukla8@gmail.com


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