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This six lettered word holds a hundred shades of blue and grey in it, and though we despise connecting with it and term it as a negative feeling, we don’t let anyone take it away from us.

So is the beauty of this word, this feeling, and so is the hypocrisy of humans. Grief is what all of us hold near and dear. It is what we assume is meant only for us and doesn’t compare to that of anyone else’s. We place our grief over others’ and though we may empathise with them, we never let them weigh their sadness above ours. It is so easy to dismiss someone else’s grief when we have our own. It is very easy to paint their sadness insignificant while we are in the presence of our own. We as humans fail to realise that grief, though, comes in diffrent shades, it paints every surface equally. No one’s grief is priviledged and below yours. Nobody’s tears are anymore water than yours. The river that cascades down our cheek holds an ocean inside it and as humans, we could never make the ocean our friend. The ocean has allowed nothing more to us than a formal acquaintance.

These waters are powerful, they never spill all their secrets at once, but why do we still act like we know them all? Why do we still compare our tears to that of others?How do we romanticise other people’s sadness and make way for anger when someone doubts ours?We sure do have a lot to learn about feelings. We have an ocean of grief to dive into.

We reflect what we feel and that’s why water works as a mirror for us to see.The eyes, the ocean & the river, sure are the three horsemen of grief, but as humans we are afraid to dive in.As humans we see all the shades in our sadness but when it comes to others, we just smile heroicly (read: foolishly) and think “Oh, only if they knew mine!”

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Hey there! I’m Murtaza. I’m a reader who loves to write stuff he wants to read…If that makes sense. Apart from reading and writing, I also love painting, so you can say I’m a sucker for all sorts of art forms -Including myself ;).

When I’m not reading, writing or painting, I’m overthinking. But something which I excel at, is being confused.

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