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You And I.

Editor : Mrinali

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You and I, cocksure each other of being equally enough,

You and I, entrusting each other of our deep immense love.

You and I, ignoring the world and it’s enormous desires,

You and I, confidently facing and fighting deadly trials.  

Mollycoddling each other in the lowest and hardest times,

Representing us in a panache and our love as prime sublime.

Ready to sip a strychnine in order to prove our weird affection,

And surrender and suffocate and sacrifice in sublimation.  

You and I, on a dark night, holding hands under moonlight,

You and I, hugging tight, kissing after a silly or serious fight.

You and I, when winds blow, dancing on the water that flows,

You and I, walking slow, singing together near the sea shore.  

Vowed to undertake each other’s responsibility until the end,

Owing our life entirely as a validation and a valuable friend.

This relation is worth jeopardizing or later facing a jilt,

Who knows there can be chance of prospering instead of split?  

You and I, playing, praying, laughing and crying;

You and I, staying and staying, going on trying.

You and I, roaming, blooming, succeeding and failing;

You and I, aiming and aiming, our careers we’re prevailing.  

Don’t care, if we prove to turn out to be a jinx,

We would still love, live and die like a Phoenix.

Lay there I, dreaming under the sky so purple,

This ethereal, ethical elated essence will be evidently eternal.  

You and I, jocular and jocund in our own world of wonders,

You and I, careless and carefree of all the past blunders.

You and I, unlike and unreal far from estranged crowd,

You and I, happily and heartily virtuous in love so proud!

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Poet is better known by her name Anonymous Ash. Follow her on Instagram using link given below.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/iitz.ash.143/

Email- anonymous.ash1443@gmail.com


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