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The morning was hot and the bed sheets were wet because they were grounds for athletic intercourse between a starved girl and a bad guy.

What is a bad guy you may ask? That was a question always running in the mind of our protagonist the confused guy, he couldn’t make himself fit into any categories because he had dirty desires but also an idealistic soul. Yes, he was a confused guy, he did not want to choose a side between being a nice guy and the guy who got the girl.

He did not understand that the girl liked a competent guy more than a nice guy because it was her biological programming, she did not want to be conquered but won over by a tyrant she could tame. The bad guy was just a patient predator; he did not want to show his interest in the girl but was buzzing around her just looking for an opportunity. The protagonist did not realize that his attention to the girl was seen as desperation by the girl. If he needed her that meant he was not valuable enough, because she did not look at herself as a goddess, her flaws were real and always visible to her.

The protagonist’s relentless pursuit made the girl weary of him but also aroused her. She felt wanted and pride filled her chest, the chase made her want to culminate her desires but not with the protagonist because he was way too available. So ultimately the bad guy who was always around got his chance and took an opportunity to give her his shoulder to lean on. The good bad guy asked her to forget about the unavailable hero and took her out for lunch, at peak of summer heat both knew she was hormonal it was a Sunday, and the traffic of masses did not interest her she was locked into her own world. Both the girl and the bad guy were traveling in the bad guy’s car suddenly the weather changed and it started pouring, with each drop of rain the temperature rose and she told the guy to take her home as she was tired. The bad guy wanted to destroy her and conquer her and compete with the protagonist which he knew he could not defeat in a conventional intellectual fight.

The epitome of desire made her legs weak, her constitution fragile and she gave in. So the sheets were wet and bodies were tangled. The next hot morning was filled with silence, a sense of shame but also happiness. The bad boy was happy that he got the girl he was not the most virtuous to get her but the protagonist did not play his cards right. The girl had a difficult choice but her perception of herself made that choice for her, she chose passively, and conveniently it was no fault of hers.

But still, she was ashamed that the high potential protagonist was not there but the bad guy was a  convenient friend who just made her lose control. At the end of the day, the high-potential protagonist failed in his mission to find love. Maybe his intentions were pure but his execution was abysmal, he tried and tried but his method was flawed and the projection of his inner maladies made the girl distant and aroused. So the bad guy got the girl and lived happily ever after not really but really, the girl was groomed for life with a secret sadness in her heart but satiation of her senses with pleasure. The high potential protagonist was distraught but he accepted the suffering and made peace with himself and always tried to be better than what he was never really reaching the greatness he desired, his greatness lies in his eternal suffering endured with a smile.  Nobody won in this competition the bad guy did not really get the girl but a version of her which was not really her.

She remained a girl unfulfilled in the soul dealing with the desires of an absent protagonist. The protagonist misunderstood what she wanted and displayed his inner thoughts to her which were unpalatable to her, his depth of thought scared her and his longing to be with her made her dislike the idea of him. The girl secretly wanted the protagonist to become better but she never told him that. Only pride saves the girl because girls without pride are treated badly in this cruel world. The bad guy with a successful stable job and the girl he wooed went on to show his true colors later in his life. The protagonist lived a life of adventure and suffering without love, he could only love what he had, a backpack some books, and sad memory of lost love. But later in his life, he loved everything the rain, art, movies, culture and most importantly he appreciated what he had. This world is not a fair place but a fantastic place if you have the right perspective to look at things anew each morning.         

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