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CONNECT THE DOTS – Know the power of Art.

exclusive art – Build A Better Conscious With Art.

Editor: Mrinali

“For most of the time that is gifted to us, we take for granted the time that we think we have a definite control over. That just summarizes the power of what we can IMAGINE.”

It is rather very plain and boring, a life without some kind of entertainment. Now that I look closely at the word ‘Entertainment’, a vivid music is coming to my mind, ringing in my ears.

Of course, that is no way a reminder of how boring my life may be. Or wait, is it? Well anyways, it was only recently that I decided to write something that has been helping me to make this life as a mortal – a heaven. MUSIC or perhaps MUSIC THAT I LISTEN TO WHILE WRITING. 

Sometimes I wonder, what kind of reason may be there that some people enjoy music to make it their life long passion, while some couldn’t even care any less about it. This question may have occurred given my thinking grounds of only connecting anything to music as a form of art. 

exclusive art – Build A Better Conscious With Art.

But as I dived deep into these thoughts I realised it is not just about Music, this natural ignorance, but to any form of idea that is presented as an Art.

Yes, ART. As fancy as it may sound, art definitely has a way to open new doors to our conscious thinking. And here Art doesn’t mean only the ones on a grand canvas in some extravagant and luxurious gallery, here I mean art that we have frequent encounters with now and then, the form which can come as melodies in music, words in a story, dialogues in a drama or film and so much more.

So then coming back to our initial topic – Why are some people so ignorant when it comes to understanding art? The main effort here is not only understanding the indifferent nature, but going a step further and thinking of why it is necessary to change this behavior.Indifferent nature when it comes to art – can be a sign to the path that leads to the future, signaling that it is a solitary one. The path that we are currently walking on.

Although we can’t mention ART as a whole term for music, paintings or even films and drama, here ART is the substantial understanding of NEW IDEAS. New ideas presented by the artist to the world as a showcase. 

exclusive art – Build A Better Conscious With Art.

The indifferent nature may not be a purposeful persona to disregard the efforts behind the piece of craft, but rather a natural action to ignore something that doesn’t concern personal growth or something along those lines.

It may be a complete blindness towards these crafts. On a more public level understanding, taking time out of life and purposely putting those efforts into something that doesn’t directly equate to personal growth can be overwhelming. So here the lack of understanding of how the art or peice of craft can contribute to life comes actively in the picture.

The reason behind the ignorance can be a natural aversion since nobody ever taught them how to appreciate something before you start loving it. That is just as simple as that.The reason to change this ignorance – Well it might make you fall in love with the things you never thought you could.

The reason to change the aversion to appreciating art around us is because recent studies on Cognitive Behavior and Human Body Language shows that appreciating or rather actively acknowledging art in its various forms can show extreme boosts in confidence level and public relations.So we need to connect the dots and understand how to use art around us for our self-growth and understanding. It is not only one of the many blessings we have received in this age of technology, but is a quick way to develop ourselves as we can connect with people around the world. 

Gradually changing our perception for art and appreciating it may take time, but it will definitely be helpful to change the overall understanding we have about the things that even our ancestors acknowledged – The necessity of conscious Entertainment. It is our DNA to seek pleasure in art after all.

This article is a part of the series – “Building A Better Conscious With Art.” On UNVERBALISE. (unverbalise.com)The motive behind this series is to understand the changes art can bring in our lives as an individual and also as a part of this society. A special thanks to @noraglint for her amazing art for this series.

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Mrinali Jadhav, also known as Luna Arsyn is an author, artist, entrepreneur, and medical student.

She dreams of becoming a performer one day. She loves writing songs, poetries, and telling stories. She believes that ‘Humans’ are made of stories, and stories can only continue to live on when they are told when they are narrated. May it be through novels, poetry, movies, songs, or any other medium possible.

Stories must live on as they make the past understandable and the future dependable.

She also works as the Managing Editor for UNVERBALISE, a platform aiming to bring talents from all around the world in one place.

She hosts her own podcast titled – FEEL THROUGH MUSIC. And is an official writer at Webnovel.

Instagram – @lunaarsyn

Email – lunaarsyn@gmail.com

Author Portfolio – https://issuu.com/lunaarsyn/docs/pdf_20220611_113549_0000


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