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Engagement Part – 1

Editor: Mrinali

Photo by Asiama Junior on Pexels.com

Just like the perfect date today, 24th of July,

I wanted to be with you 24/7, won’t deny.

You made me feel worse, hopeless and made me cry,

Now I decided to bid you farewell, a final goodbye!  

My parents finally found a gentleman for me,

And I got engaged while you were elsewhere busy.

He’s the one for me, he’ll treat me well and perfect baby,

This decision of life is difficult, but precise yet not easy!  

Now he’s my life partner, my partner and my life,

Soon we’ll marry each other, and I’ll legally be his wife.

With you I’m upset, got thousand complaints and there’s strife,

Don’t forget to engage yourself in my wedding, to you, I invite!  

He’s ready to give me a new life right from the start,

And I’m ready to dedicate my life towards him and restart.

I’m all ready to risk it again, as you already broke my heart,

Past years were amazing knowing him, he’s a real sweetheart!  

I’m sure that he won’t disappoint me cuz he values me deeply,

He doesn’t care about my past, neither about my flaws really.

May this new chapter of life bring immense tears of joy abundantly,

I ain’t comparing you to him, but he’s worth a chance honestly!  

The way I loved you, don’t know if I’ll love him same way back,

But since that I’m committed, I owe him all loyalty and respect.

One day I hope I’ll have the strength to love and not lack,

The courage to love him so hard that even you will be taken aback!  

My attachment and liking for my fiancé is now an obsession,

Whether he’s delighted, sweet and down or up in all aggression.

Now I’m convinced to confess my fiancé this confession,

Heaven knows if he’s honest, he promised me a world like heaven!  

Counting stars in sky and fish in sea with you was absurd,

For my dignity was crushed and I swear, I should be handcuffed.

I don’t expect in exchange of love, what will I be served,

It’s over as my ring finger is occupied with a ring now and I’m reserved!  

Glad this heartbreak is making me strong and giving me chance,

As I ‘found’ me, not ‘lost’ as I was before and hence I enhance.

My first priority is now my own happiness and in advance,

I will myself rewrite my destiny of love and perfect romance!

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Poet is better known by her name Anonymous Ash. Follow her on Instagram using link given below.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/iitz.ash.143/

Email- anonymous.ash1443@gmail.com


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