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Engagement Part – 2

Editor: Mrinali

Photo by Megapixelstock on Pexels.com

Day and night wanted you in my arms, don’t know why,

But now where I ain’t valued and respected, I won’t try.

And if my fiancé deceives me too, I promise, I won’t die,

But just lose trust in every human, man and sit back and cry!  

I don’t know if in love or in feelings, I’ll ever again believe,

Unless he makes me feel loved everyday and won’t dare to leave.

The worse that’ll happen is, it won’t work and even he’ll deceive,

None would force me then, I’ll live life either in grief or in relief!  

God forbid if this takes a tragic turn, I won’t be answerable to any,

And there would be a hope that the fault was and is in me.

Maybe I could forgive you then and think other plans were in my destiny,

Of not having a partner, honest, humble or the one valuing loyalty!  

If tragedy befalls and this fails, I’ll go far, won’t stay here anymore,

And live life alone with burden of heartbreaks that’ll help me soar.

But quite confident that his love would be enough to the core,

For us both to live, laugh and in complete contentment as amour!

If this worked, it’ll be beneficial for us both,

If this worked, it’ll be a sign of my ultimate growth.

If this worked, I’ll have another loving family and children both,

If this worked, I’ll move on with a heavy heart, I’ve taken an oath!  

I want to be the most luckiest girl in the world,

For the first time, who took a right step despite disturbed.

Who chose a right partner, learned, healed and affirmed,

To marry and trust the right person who is matured and well-reserved!  

For me relations matter not pastimes so yes I’ll invest,

I’ll do everything to make it work and wholeheartedly give my best.

I know God wants to bless me with better hence to him I leave the rest,

Not in a trauma or dilemma anymore, as in a woman I manifest!  

I won’t repeat my mistakes or snatch his rights or go unheard,

Don’t know what I deserve, but he deserves more than you deserved.

If you have ever cared for me or if you have ever; ever loved,

Just pray for my happiness and well-being atleast, I’ll be extremely chuffed!  

So goodbye; next year finally, I’ll be marrying him on 24th of July,

And wish this marriage brings luck, fortune and our happiness multiply.

May God bless us and protect us from the destruction of evil-eye,

And hope we prosper in peace and reunite in heaven after we die!

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Poet is better known by her name Anonymous Ash. Follow her on Instagram using link given below.I

nstagram- https://www.instagram.com/iitz.ash.143/

Email- anonymous.ash1443@gmail.com


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