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In Your Time – Part 5

Editor : Mrinali Jadhav

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Thea had been waiting for Sam’s messages in the diary for the past few days, writing everyday asking him if he’s alright and got the chance to talk to Anand but no avail. For the whole week Thea tried searching for a connection to Sam’s family be it through UK Genealogy or the National Archives.

The need to find someone who could corroborate that a person name Samuel Knight lived in the 1800s who looked exactly like the man in the photo. She had hope, since Sam’s family were influential there might be some detailed record of it.

Finally, after a week she saw a message scribbled across the page of the diary “I want someone to know, before everything goes dark and no one knows the truth, I want someone to know the truth.” Thea writes back immediately, feeling something seriously wrong, because her search presently had lead her nowhere other than telling her that Sam’s father died in 1857 of natural causes. His father had a brother whose daughter was married to a wealthy man from France and had 3 kids.

The only person known to be in UK was Sam’s step-brother born in 1858 after his mother married for the second time to an industrialist. Why were there no records of Sam’s life or his death she didn’t know, or maybe too afraid to understand. Sam wrote “He didn’t kill the guy Thea! We were right, he was framed and now they’re after his life. I don’t want anything happen to him.

I look at him sitting on the chair in the dining room, seriously trying to find a way out of this mess. I don’t know what’s the way out or is there no way.It’s his family, they did this, and they want Anand dead because of the property.

The man Vikram, who died heard them planning to kill Anand inside his clinic. The original plan was to get Anand married to a girl of their choice and then drug him and the girl was his older brother’s choice who will marry him after Anand’s death. Vikram died tried to reach Anand and inform of the immediate plan because his family realised that Anand does not like women.

They thought of killing him presenting his death in the name of family honour and taking over his properties. Now Anand has been on the run for so many months, thankfully they don’t know my existence in his life but we’re not safe here. I want to get him out of here, I am planning to get transferred to Dilli but he says his brother has connection there as well even if I look at it sanely, they’ll follow us everywhere.

We need to get out of here and I’ll do anything to help him. I love him Thea, I now know I do and there’s no other answer.”Thea sat there stunned, didn’t know what to say, feeling helpless had a whole new definition to it at this point because at the same time her search for Sam had reached a concrete story she was dreading to read the end of.

“You have to come back home, bring Anand with you but you have to come back home, ask you father or anyone to get you both on a ship but come to Britain as soon as possible” she wrote back. She waited for a reply before she wrote again “what’s the date today?” Sam replied “It’s 10th October 1855, why? What’s wrong?”

Thea sat there, looking at the dates where it was written “Sammuel Knight, son of Anthony and Elisa Knight, died 10th October 1855” and at that moment Thea realised that it is the same date, the diary entry of which she read for the first time after getting the diary from the thrift store.

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