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Freedom to empower

Editor: Mrinali Jadhav

Photo by Nothing Ahead on Pexels.com

When the clock strikes midnight, 

we will be awoken and free in our homeland.

We’ve followed sluggishly and formidable to change,

times seem bewildering and self-doubting better than ever.

In silence, the soul longs for a path in a clearer light,

and elusive and deceptive resolves into crystal clarity.

When life seems exhausting for truth,

Look out for signs of guidance and,

the smoothest road ahead to keep the view.

The opinion is a dispute with dividing and portioning our nation,

although many were against society.

Duty complied by every gentile to act honorablyto obey the law and help uphold it.

The young soul has a spirit of unmatched,

Often pushes for transcend.

Together pledge on pour forboost and strive nations,

by being just and ethical.

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I am Megha Badiger, hailing from Goa. I have been a content writer since one year, skilled with WordPress, SEO, content marketing on websites.

My specialisation in writing is such as Travelling, Fashion, Medical, Finance etc. as I belong to Finance background. I’m looking forward to build myself as a great writer in Unverbalise academy.


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