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Dear You, Yes You…

Editor: Parul Rajwanshi

Photo by imustbedead on Pexels.com

Dear memories, 

Stop giving me hope, time has gone.

But it’s existence still gives pain.

My eyes still shine with hope,

Heart pierced with darker mope,

The wind flows towards you but it is all in vain.

Petals still gives the aroma of your essence.

The darkness envelopes me,

searching for luminescenceI still hope,

to follow your steps and embrace hard,

will you come back ,

to accept my love and regard.

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Hello people,

My name is Manogya Singh but with all your love you can call me Manu. Right now I am pursuing graduation with Bachelors Of Arts. I have great enthusiasm for writing and majorly poetry. I have written many poetries to date and some of them are a part of anthologies too! For me, a pen is my sword and my imagination is my shield. I also work as a part-time content writer and I am a super lethargic person who is carrying all her creativity in her tiny brain and trying to make an impact through my writeups.


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