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Dear Girl

Editor: Anshika Raj

Photo by Stephan Seeber on Pexels.com
Dear Girl!

Let’s not fear.
To be strong enough to face the world alone…
Because others can give you suggestions, but nobody can play your role better!

Start facing your inner demons bravely.
Explore your inner world.
Find your hidden potential.
Dream BIG!

And never hesitate to pursue all.
The world out there is just watching you…Not to support you, but to judge you and watch you fall
Ignore them…

Never let the problems scare you.
Because it is not a mystery, 
But a reality to experience!
Remember to never lose the child in you,
Keep the spark as it helps you go…

Hey girl, let’s not fear!

Hello dear reader, hope you loved reading this poem. If you want more such poems from the author, please make sure to like this post and share across your social media channels.

I am Gayathri Ramasankar, an Engineering grad who turned to a full-time Content Writer.

My journey towards writing started as a child’s play and down the lane, I am here happily pursuing my dream job as Sr. Content Writer at one of the top MNC’s. Writing is my therapy and my love and passion for writing knows no bounds!


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