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Half lived days

Editor: Mrinali

Photo by Emma Li on Pexels.com
Wide eyes open all night,
 I stare at a barren land,
 Thoughts running to a fight,
 Is there even a fine line.

No wrongs or rights,
In a half awake state,
I spend my days,
Running, stopping and running again.

Half blind to who put me to this race,
Losing breath,
Losing fun, 
but the price gambled was a ton.

So I'll run not at my pace,
But  till my legs break,
Now used to this empty gaze,
And a repeated phrase.

I walk lone or together,
Finishing my race,
And living my half lived days.

Hello there dear reader. Hope you enjoyed this poem. If you want more such poems from the writer, please like this poem and share it on your social media as well. Thank you so much !!

Mishthi Shukla is a 15 years old Student.

“I write poems to escape the world, I dream to heal people.”

Email- mishthishukla8@gmail.com


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