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Life Lessons from Winnie the Pooh!

Editor: Parul Rajwanshi

Photo by Lori Sun on Pexels.com
Looking for happiness?
Did your happy day get lost in this busy world?Let your inspiration be Winnie the Pooh!
Wondering how?

Look at Pooh!
One of the most contented and wise creatures that you can ever imagine…
It is not about happiness alone, there are a lot more to learn from Pooh!
Get to learn from Pooh’s attitude - the way Pooh faces challenges during tough times.

And when it comes to LOVE, just be like Pooh!
Love people the way they are and give way to the happiness of the people you love…

Moreover, learn to apologies instantly like Pooh who dismisses his mistake with a heartfelt apology…

Believe that you’re braver than you think, stronger and smarter than you seem!
Remember, life is a journey to be experienced, not a race to win. 

And when life throws at you a rainy day, learn to dance in the puddles, and enjoy the rain…

When you’re happy, you can’t help spreading joy to others!
Keep smiling and spread happiness.

Take your life as it goes and make every moment count!
Be like POOH!

Hello dear reader, hope you loved reading this poem. If you want more such poems from the author, please make sure to like this post and share across your social media channels.

I am Gayathri Ramasankar, an Engineering grad who turned to a full-time Content Writer.

My journey towards writing started as a child’s play and down the lane, I am here happily pursuing my dream job as Sr. Content Writer at one of the top MNC’s. Writing is my therapy and my love and passion for writing knows no bounds!


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