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Why Do Cats Like Milk So Much? Should You Treat Your Kitty?

Editor: Mrinali Jadhav

Humans have been considering this subject for ages. People have been coming up with their own beliefs on why cats are so obsessed with drinking milk for years.

The deity Bastet was revered in ancient Egypt as a milk-only feline goddess.The lactase enzyme, which is present in cat saliva, is known to break down the lactose in cow’s milk into simpler sugars that cannot be easily absorbed by the digestive system of cats and can result in upset stomachs and diarrhea.

This discovery was made as a scientific study on cats progressed. Additionally, it is deficient in taurine, an essential amino acid for cats’ healthy diet and hearts. The image of a cat owner giving their cats milk in place of water is humorous. Despite the fact, that they don’t seem to enjoy milk, cats appear to be interested in it.

Fictional cat milk snobbery is a common theme. You may anticipate seeing this attitude whether they are portrayed in children’s books or motion pictures.  However, the likelihood is that you have never observed a cat consuming milk; only water.

Therefore, from where does this stereotype of consuming milk for cats originate? They enjoy milk, do they not?

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Cat Cow’s Milk?

Cats can’t digest sugars, thus they need meat. Their distinction from humans is a result of this. Cats rely on the gut bacteria, commonly referred to as their feline friends, to help them digest food.

Yet the proportions of proteins and carbs in cow’s milk and cat’s milk are different. As it is not intended for cats especially, cow’s milk might potentially hurt your cat if it is ingested.

Ways To Ensure Your Cat Stays Hydrated  

When it comes to food and drink, cats are quite finicky. Despite the fact, that they don’t frequently drink a lot, cats need more water than most people realize. Knowing how much water to feed your cat and what liquids he may drink is crucial.

Cats require a lot of water to maintain the health of their organs. Water supports your cat’s digestive system and avoidance of dehydration.

Best Drinks for Your Feline Friend?

Milk is a common beverage among kittens. As a result of lacking the enzyme lactase needed to break down the lactose sugar contained in milk, the majority of cats are lactose intolerant.

Cow’s milk should not be consumed by kittens or adult cats. Cow’s milk is not a healthy diet for cats because it lacks the nutrients that they need.The best choice, if you want to offer milk to your cat, is to purchase specific cats and milk from a pet supply or grocery shop. These items often contain significantly less lactose or are entirely lactose-free, lowering the likelihood that cats would become unwell from drinking milk.

Other Treats to Feed Your Bundle of Fur? 

Despite having less lactose than cow’s milk, goat’s milk still contains fat and has to be drunk in moderation. Many commercial cat meals utilize soy as a protein source since it is safe for cats. Cats cannot be poisoned by almonds; thus, modest amounts of almond milk can be safely ingested.

Why Cats Like Cream So Much?

They are lured to dairy products because they smell the protein and fat in them. A lot of fat and protein may be found in milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Even though we now provide skimmed versions of everything, cats will still be able to taste or smell the protein and fat in milk, even if there isn’t much of it.

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