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How Panchayat Hits just the right chord with Middle-class India.

Editor: Surabhi Kumar

Photo by Kelly on Pexels.com

Panchayat is a TV series produced by Amazon Prime Video. The show is set in a small village called Phulera in Uttar Pradesh.

The show’s protagonist, Abhishek Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar), is a young engineering graduate who takes up a job as the secretary of the Phulera Gram Panchayat. It’s not just the storyline that makeS Panchayat engaging for middle-class India; it’s also how the series depicts the day-to-day lives of its characters. 

The show has been highly acclaimed for its realistic portrayal of rural India and its humor that cuts across class barriers. Panchayat perfectly encapsulates the struggles and aspirations of middle-class India and the strong bonds which it consists of.

It is relatable and its depiction of the spirit of the ordinary life which some Indians live is spot on.  The show has struck a chord, especially with the middle-class Indian audience, because it realistically portrays the lives of people who live in small towns and villages. The show provides a window into a world which many urban people are not familiar with. It also highlights the problems faced by the villagers, such as water scarcity, power cuts, and poor healthcare.

However, the series is not all doom and gloom. It also showcases the villagers’ resilience, life’s bittersweet moments, and the warmth of a close-knit community.  The Panchayat TV series is a welcome change from the usual saas-bahu dramas and reality shows which dominate Indian television. They are often melodramatic and unrealistic. The show has received praise for its realistic portrayal of village life and its strong characters of Sachiv Ji, Pradhan Ji, Vikas, and the ultimate gem of Manju Devi, essayed flawlessly by Neena Gupta.

It is refreshing, heartwarming, and relatable. It is one of the few Indian television shows that middle-class Indians can relate to.  

Panchayat is an honest portrayal of life in the Indian countryside. It is a celebration of village life that will leave you with a new appreciation for the extraordinary stories of a few ordinary people. 

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