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A Floric Rendezvous.

Editor: Mrinali Jadhav

Photo by Heloisa Vecchio on Pexels.com
Flowers are just like us. Short-lived.
Exactly like its oxymoronic adjective.
Short for its time,

Lived for the hearts it eternalizes.

Flowers are just like us.

It nears funeral gatherings that teach them of pain.
A simple lesson of letting go and ephemerality!

It nears also wedding receptions that cannot go without it.

Heart it unites, joyous smiles, translating happiness through it.

Flowers are just like us.
In different shades of colors and shapes.

Co-existing together,
For the variant color makes the artist heave painted sighs.
Except we!

Compare ourselves to the roses and the daisies.

Also we!

Extract someone else’s rooted nutritional worth.

Just to become more healthy?

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Hi. I am Achet Longchari, a literature student from the University of Delhi.

I write to communicate the throbbing songs of creation by adhering to the ‘Observe and Write’ principle. A lover of Jesus, an admirer of Wordsworth, and a friend of imagination. Poetry is my testimony.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/creationsofthe.heart/

Email- odangchetlalong123@gmail.com


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