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Obsidian Rose

Editor: Mrinali Jadhav

Photo by Ellie Burgin on Pexels.com
An empty street under a light;

A obsidian rose in between crystals of snow white. 

White magic with shining obsidian, 

Little obsidian rose yet so oblivion. 

Gracefully surrounded by frost, 

Talking to raven who is little lost. 

Seems like both of them became a good friends, 

Hoping it'll never ends. 

Hapless raven tried it's best to be perfect for rose, 

Always being together in snow;
no matter how much the wind blows. 

Encounter of these two pessimistic soul;

In this enchanting flakes like the bright sky full of stars has swallowed them whole. 

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Heya! I’m Li Angel. 

I’m a pharmacy student.In this whole world of illusion, I’m just a bird without heavenly sky who loves writing poems especially related to deep emotions.I’m more of a wallflower who loves reading, writing and have 100+ songs in her playlist. 

Email: btsangel672@gmail.com


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