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Anger to Ashes 

Editor : Mrinali Jadhav

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com
It was summer but not an ordinary one, the gazelle was drinking water with fear in its eyes. 

The heartbeat was slow and the mood was pretty flowy, but the mood quickly changed as the jaws of death from the water beneath snapped! 

She was terrified since then what could have been more now was on an empty shore crying. 

They broke her apart but it left an impression that would guide her behavior. 

Now it was her turn to be the predator rather than become a prey. 

No man could now be saved that came into her orbit; she wanted control because she did not want to cry.

So many loved her in their ways yet all she could see was now crocodiles waiting and lurking and feeding on bodies and gorging on soules. 

It all made sense she was taken advantage of now no more she became a tough negotiator. Retreating in the shell when she lost control and eating the weak ones just like that for fun!

Beauty brings with it some scars they say but she was killed and transformed, even though the time passed but it only made her more like the crocodiles she hated. No mercy, only feelings to crush and enjoy the rush!!!   

Evil is not born, it is created……. so they pass on the pain.To reign supreme over others with fear in their hearts and prey in their minds.

Only solution is to love them with all your heart but save yourself the heartache when they start to roll their eyes and stare at you like a crocodile! 

Reduce your anger to ashes and hope they are cared for…….           

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Hello! I am Ruchir Prajapati. I write stuff and philosophise.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/ruchirmedia

/Email- edgyruchir@gmail.com


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