Maturity is Not a Matter of Age

Editor : Mrinali Jadhav

Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels.com

It’s not about your age! It’s about what you really have gone through in your life. People say your age makes you wiser. It’s a complete bullshit.

What really matters is what you have seen in life and what you have gone through. Experience grows you! Your heartbreaks make you deep and mature. Your failures make you learn. You could be blessed enough to live a very pampered and protective life throughout, just adding on years after years each birthday. But you might still not have the same depth and maturity as a teenager who has seen far too much in life.

People with heavy childhood tend to grow up early! They don’t want to, but they do because they have no other choice. Life was never a sweet song for them. They were exposed to all miserable things that everyone protects their child from. Their innocent soul and tender heart went through the flames of ugly life. They faced terrible things. They heard bad things. They felt bad things. And that did not stop there. Even after school, life never became a garden of flowers. They kept falling into one trap after another.

Abusive childhood, poverty, unhappy home, toxic relatives, selfish friends, fake relationships, and inferiority complex, a young person goes through so much at such a young age. What would happen to people when they go through such things at a younger age? Do they forget things with time? Does it fade out slowly?

NO… Every incident remains as a scar in their heart for a lifetime. Every single thing stains their soul forever. They carry that emotional baggage on their chest. They remember those sobbing tears. They remember those long, lonely, sleepless nights. They remember crying hiding in a washroom. They remember being helpless and lost. But guess what? They eventually went through that hell but they won their life back. They fought their way out. Yes, you don’t know their struggle. But they matured beyond their age.

They have a depth that’s far beyond their years. You might think that they don’t understand. But they so bloody well do. They have felt these things deeply and intensely. I agree that most people mature pretty late in life! But life is not so protective for all of us. For some, life slaps them hard from the start. They don’t get that pampered childhood. They got life served in all its brutality and unfairness.

They are young in age, yet, but their soul is old. Their soul is ancient old.

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I am Gayathri Ramasankar, an Engineering grad who turned to a full-time Content Writer. My journey towards writing started as a child’s play and down the lane.

I am here happily pursuing my dream job as Sr. Content Writer at one of the top MNC’s. Writing is my therapy and my love and passion for writing knows no bounds!


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