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A Guide for Bad Days

Editor: Mrinali Jadhav

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com
When it feels like the,
World is closing in,
And your thoughts are.
Rapidly swallowing your sanity,
Take a deep breath,
Don’t shrivel into yourself;
Find the courage to.
Reckon with the insurmountable strength.
That’s weaved irrevocably.
Into the fabric of your soul;
Fight the creeping numbness,
I know it’s tempting to shut down,
And rest in an unfeeling haze;
But remember:You are a conduit.
Through which chaos finds purpose;
So make like SchrödingerAnd open the box;
Throw a spotlight.
On your demons,
Refuse to let them.
Feed on your imagination,
Strip them of their control.
And vanquish them.
With Grace and Style;
Fill your headspace.
With Love and Compassion,Embellish its walls with.
Kindness and Patience;
Remind yourself that.
Your scars are a road map.
To paradise;
A lost treasure waiting to be found only by you;
Use the pain as a compass.
To steer yourself in the direction.
Of your true north;
For there will be bad days.
But if today is as bad as it gets,
Tomorrow will only get better.

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Writer: Vindhya V


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