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Editor : Mrinali Jadhav

Photo by Sarah Outeiro on Pexels.com
Nowadays I'm feeling so vile;
Trying to mask up with a fake smile. 
Whenever the wind blew, 
Why did everything looks so blue? 

A care full of void, 
Pushing me into a room of being paranoid. 
The hollow heart of vivacious renard. 
Makes it like there's no way to escape,
Why does it feel so barred? 

The older I get, the world feels so scary, 
Bragging about superficial life which is temporary. 
When no one will notice my vacuous eyes, 
While staring at those azure skies. 

When things are simple,they get hard.
And I don't know what I have to guard? 
When I start realizing what I want and what I need, 
Is really a two different things indeed. 

Why world seems so fake?
Where people put their everything at stake. 
I wish I had a little dove with me, 
Who could have protected me like a pearl of an oyster in the sea. 

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Heya! I’m Li Angel. 

I’m a pharmacy student.In this whole world of illusion, I’m just a bird without heavenly sky who loves writing poems especially related to deep emotions.I’m more of a wallflower who loves reading, writing and have 100+ songs in her playlist. 

Email: btsangel672@gmail.com


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