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Editor: Mrinali Jadhav

Photo by Jacob M on Pexels.com
Life is never a cakewalk for all!
Only a few are blessed to have a smooth life.

For most of them, it's always a rollercoaster ride!
At times, we feel stuck.
At times, we feel like we're chained.
At times, we feel like giving up.
At times, we wish the night never dawns.

But still, the very next day we make it up.
Some of us are really strong enough!

We face life challenges boldly, smiling through each and every day.

But there are a few who easily give up!

We may not know whether it was that easy to give up.
But they give up and end their life…
Maybe it wouldn't have been that easy for them.

If someone would have listened to them for one last time, maybe they wouldn't have
given up!

Maybe, if someone would have given that tight hug, their soul might have felt
That someone could have been me!
That someone could have been you!
Let's take this seriously…

Let's focus on our mental health
Let's check our near and dear ones then and there…

Who knows someone close to us might undergo a tough time…
It isn't wrong to check, right?

On this World Suicide Prevention Day, let's take an oath to work on our mental
Let's face our challenges boldly!

Because, in the end, it's all about how we take life!

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I am Gayathri Ramasankar, an Engineering grad who turned to a full-time Content Writer. My journey towards writing started as a child’s play and down the lane.I am here happily pursuing my dream job as Sr. Content Writer at one of the top MNC’s. Writing is my therapy and my love and passion for writing knows no bounds!


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