Editor: Mrinali Jadhav

Photo by Andrey Grushnikov on Pexels.com

Maeve. Maeve.

I hear someone call my name. Why is anyone calling me? Where am I? I feel dizzy.

I am just not able to open my eyes. I cannot make myself moves my muscles. I feel paralyzed.

Wake up, sweetheart.

Wake up. How? I am already awake. Why should wake up? I open my eyes.

I feel insistent blue eyes looking at me, full of concern. Oh, how I hate making him sad. I wish I could do something. Honey, look at me, please. Say something.

I force myself to keep my eyes wide awake. Water splashes my eyes. My head aches. I suddenly realize that I am not at the park anymore.

Oh no, this is not going to be a good day. I feel very bad vibes around me. I see Asher hovering above me. I ask him, “WHERE THE HELL AM I?” He smiled sadly. I felt bad.

But when I am stuck I just can’t keep control of my emotions.

I say, “Asher, look I know I shouldn’t have shouted but I –” He did not let me finish and wrapped me in his bearly hug. I was shocked and then realized something, “Asher, did you, did you just call me sweetheart and honey?” He lets go of me and when I looked at him, he had turned beet red.

Oops. I have a very big mouth. I just can’t keep it shut. He stutters, “Actually, I-I, I mean-I. What happened was that, the circumstances…” I start giggling. He never looked so unsure of himself. He lifted his hand and started scratching the nape of his neck.

I guess it was enough for today. He could no more keep guard himself, so I stop smiling like an idiot and kissed his cheeks. I took him totally off the ground by doing that. He wraps me in another bearly hug. I guess that I and Asher were so preoccupied with each other that we did not notice our surroundings becoming bad to worse. There was no sound of birds chirruping or the leaves rustling.

The sky had become dark with thundering clouds.

Asher says, “Maeve, are we even going to be alright.”I gulped, “I hope so.” I then saw lights. They were shining in the dark sky.

I then realized that they weren’t exactly lights, they were… I and Asher croaked together, “Eyes”.

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Hello, I am G Brinda. Currently pursuing History Hons from Lady Shri Ram college, I am an avid reader and writer, who writes because she has a story to tell and words carry magic. A feminist at heart, I am yet to come out of the rebellious teenage self. A cute and quirky kid with big dreams stuck in a hole called reality. I have a wish list as big as the big bang. I am a woman, who is bold and beautiful, and there is nothing wrong with being confident and daring. The only thing that keeps me sane is by being drunk on writing. My sanity has been doubted many times because I always disappear into the world of imagination. But books and coffee are to be blamed for that.


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