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Alone (Part 1)

Editor : Mrinali Jadhav

Photo by Marina M on Pexels.com
To all my well-wishers and haters, you suddenly remember me?
And say I forgot you, but didn’t you too forget me?
I’m assured, I’m gonna die a stranger,
With wounds burnt, and vanished undefeated anger.

Am I the only one at fault that I’m not there for you now?
How can you not mention the previous times when I were there; how?
How could you forget the times when I kept holding onto you?
What about the times I struggled yet was there for you?

I’ve decided to delete my existing identity,
Cuz I’m done and enraged with my entire entity.
Let me be a mystery to confuse,
Now I don’t have or fear anything to loose.

Yes, I’m the bad one, who didn’t value you, neither your favours, I know;
Despite trying to fix things, I finally gave up and can’t take it anymore.
I don’t wanna prove, explain or defend myself; I’ll happily take the blame, 
It’s my punishment for tarnishing my self respect and never be the same.

This world and expectations ain’t less than a calamity,
I’m afraid as I question my own integrity.
Yes, I won’t deny, I’ve forgotten all,
Cuz you made me feel rejected and small.

Surrounded with negativities that punctured my brain,
Let me stay isolated, it’s my victory’s secret weapon.
If self worth and self respect is labelled as ‘mean’ and ‘egoistic’,
Then cornering myself is my best decision and I’m extremely ecstatic.

Yes, you’re correct, I’m extremely selfish,
I should’ve been like this before; how I wish!
Staying alone is my idea and theory,
No complaints, no regrets, just wanna be cheery.

Leaving behind all rules, relations, principles and formalities,
You can proudly call me, arrogant, self obsessed, heedless in reality.
I failed distressfully in tests and trails and responsibilities,
My birth on this earth, was a tragedy unexpected liability.

Once upon a time there existed a girl so ordinary,
Who now is less loving and more dangerous and scary.
She never loved herself but every other,
That soon became a reason for her to suffer.

Yes, she’s dead; the old version in reel life, 
Absolutely waiting to die in reality, in real life.
Forget her, exactly as you did before, 
Don’t worry about her, just move on and ignore.

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Poet is better known by her name Anonymous Ash. Follow her on Instagram using link given below.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/iitz.ash.143/

Email- anonymous.ash1443@gmail.com


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