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Alone (Part 2)

Editor: Mrinali Jadhav

Photo by Henry & Co. on Pexels.com
Tired of the mistreatment and tired with all of you,
Maybe I’m the worst, I’m wrong and I’m the guilty too.
Tired of defending myself and others in their absence,
What’s the point when nobody values me even in my presence?

She never mattered to you, so why this sudden care?
To hell with your fake concern and all your blames, accusations unfair.
I came into this world alone and will leave alone,
So decided to live life alone either in happy or unhappy zone.

So forgive me for my wrongdoings and if I broke your heart ever,
As I’m breaking the promise of staying by your side forever.
Some people ain’t perfect and I’m an example you see,
I’m repenting and regretting for my mistakes miserably.

Maybe you’re expecting my old version to still remain stronger,
To tolerate the world’s cruelty in silence and agony a little longer.
But the old ‘me’ died and left for her heavenly abode,
The new ‘me’ has pre- written her name in hell for she’ll now explode.

I’m craving for my mental peace, honour and dignity,
Ain’t promising anyone anything anymore and developing maturity.
I don’t hate you, but neither do I want any misconceptions,
So it’s better to stay far away, limited relations and pure connections.

You have complete freedom, I won’t stop or force you to stay,
As I did before, literally begging you that now I repay.
I never wanted to behave this way, but I had no choice,
You encouraged and provoked me before, that now I have a voice.

Thanks to you all for making her this brave and outrageous,
Or else she would’ve stayed the same, dumb and advantageous.
She never had the intention or didn’t really mean to be mean,
Don’t turn a blind eye, I challenge you to come clean.

Don’t get me wrong, I think different, I know,
And if death welcomes me, don’t be in grief or in sorrow.
My capacity was over and I gave up in this world too early,
But if you ever loved me, just pray after my death and forgive me sincerely.

Goodbye dear loved one’s, I ain’t escaping but fighting,
As this life taught me a wonderful lesson and hence I’m writing.
I’ve reached a conclusion and it’s distancing myself,
I ain’t avoiding anyone, just concentrating on all my health.

I’ve abandoned you and myself too, I wanna be unknown;
I’ve adopted the method of isolation, I wish to be all alone.
Maybe our bond ain’t that strong but I’ll be waiting for you, I’ll reappear,
In heaven to reunite and clear the blunders that departed us here!

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Poet is better known by her name Anonymous Ash. Follow her on Instagram using link given below.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/iitz.ash.143/

Email- anonymous.ash1443@gmail.com


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