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Editor: Ruth Pal Chaudhuri

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It’s a story of a person who is working in a software company. What happens to him when he joined the company and what experience did he have.

Arya completed his graduation and—with a lot of expectations—he joined a software company. It is just the same for all companies first 3 months is a training period where he needs clear all four exams to stabilize his job and he needs to do mini-projects.When he started training on the first, day he thought he will concentrate on everything that they are teaching; but it’s all in online mode, there is no supervision, and for 5 days he listened to class regularly.

On the 6th day he got bored and irritated because they are showing everything in pdf and full theoretical knowledge. He is not interested in it but when it comes to exams all the people in that training use to help each other and like that his training days are completed.

With these wonderful memories of friendship, he moves forward in the company.Very soon he is assigned to a project he is so happy that he got recognized and when he goes into the project he got to know it’s a demo project and it’s based on the thing which he is least aware. One good thing that happened is he got one member from the training batch on the same project as him and his name is Sateesh.

At first, he doesn’t know anything and feared that everyone will laugh at him and he didn’t know how to do that work.With this fear in his mind, he attended the first call for the project. He didn’t interact with anyone and whenever anyone mentions his name he said, “Yeah”. That time everyone would say “Hey yaar try to be free, we are all friendly”. But still he was like that at the end of the meeting, the team lead and the manager asked to pick what you what do in the project like which part you need.

There are five members and a manager in Arya’s project. Arya waited but no one is selected so he said one random name of the module that he will work on and for that lead laughed and asked, ”Are you sure”. ”Yeah” he replied but he didn’t understand why the lead is laughing.

After that, all picked their modules (parts) of work to work on.Arya later asked Sateesh why the lead laughed like that he told that he didn’t know. So, he thought let it be and started going through the application, and then he got to know why the lead laughed.

A module that Arya selected didn’t have much work it’s just so simple but what the lead didn’t know is that simple thing also Arya didn’t know.Like that three days completed suddenly the lead called and asked him” how is it going, yours is simple it should be completed by now”. For that Arya don’t know how to reply and told, “He didn’t do and he didn’t understand anything”. 

Lead asked to show what things he did and he showed and lead said, “You didn’t do anything.  If you don’t know you should have asked me or others why you didn’t ask? Do connect with all and don’t be like this”. Listening to her words, Arya said,” I don’t know about anything regarding this that’s why I can’t do it”. 

Listening to Arya’s words the lead replied, “Everyone doesn’t know anything from start. We need to learn like that so we move forward. If you have any doubts or don’t know anything, ask anyone in the group or you can ask me and I will help you.” Listening to her words, Arya knows what he did and what he forgot. By those words he grew more respectful toward his lead and Arya’s problem got resolved and he completed his task with the help of all members within a day.

After 2 months suddenly his lead said that he won’t be in this project for much time because of some problems. Arya didn’t know anything and suddenly his mind went blank but he didn’t show it as the lead was replaced after two days and they got their new lead named Kaushik. There is no work at first. After a month, he asked us to do the work on the modules they checked. But the thing is that Kaushik asked them to do the work of the former lead. All divided the work and completed it and after that work, the rest wanted to do some courses and slowly one by one left the project.

Even Arya got an offer but he rejected it because he can’t go far from his hometown so last there only two of them—lead and manager.    And we again got work but this time their work got more. Those two needs to take care of everyone’s work and the lead and manager are rushing them to do all work in 10 days. Arya didn’t understand what was happening and thought the former lead saying that the difference between a leader and a boss made sense.

Even Arya and her teammate (Mahesh) got health issues (mental as well as physical) because of this stress and pressure, but they (lead and manager) don’t care about that and what the lead and manager said, “We want finished product, other things we don’t care”. For 12 days Mahesh and Arya worked nonstop and completed the project and hand it to them.The next day is a meeting with higher-ups where they had to present the end result.

But in the meeting, the manager and lead told them these things all done by the lead. They didn’t help me a tiny bit and even can’t handle a simple task. Arya and Mahesh don’t know what to say even though they are having health issues but they worked. This is the output, after meeting Mahesh can’t take that anymore asked Arya “didn’t you feel anything”. 

Why should they need to be treated like that? When you are in a group you need to share burdens not increase the burdens whether are lead or anyone. When someone makes to take other lead or gives a higher position means they have confidence in them that he/she can guide juniors on the right path. We need to accept our mistakes.

It does not matter who points the mistake out, whether it’s a small or big person, then only we can move forward.

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My name is Siri Susmitha . I always tries to write the stories that are close to reality and loves to try different & new things.

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