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Lara Jean Covey & Peter Kavinsky : A Poetry

Editor : Mrinali Jadhav

Photo by Valeria Erenvert on Pexels.com
Shy, secretive & silent she was ,
You came in with some weird clause.

It all started with her heartfelt letters,

Who knew you'd fill her life with glitters.
An introvert like her who'd never want anything,
Through fate you met & gave her evrything.

It wasn't really a meet-cute kinda start,
But you did like her from your heart.
You introduced her to a new world ,
While she steadily became your world.
The way you fell for her, 
the way you took care,
The way you hug her ,
the way you give a lil stare.

Every little thing you did was so filled with love,
Those short little letters were beyond and above.

Yes her mind was filled with chaos so fussy,
Overthinking about your past to her was messy.
No doubt it got a little difficult in between ,

But damn you still made her your only queen.

To have her in your life you were blessed,
Glad that you knew she wasn't your second best.

You valued her interests, 
understood her choice,

Together in every moment you guys rejoiced.

You were her bestest first Peter Kavinsky,
& You're gonna be his bestest last Lara Jean Covey.

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I am Shaistha Mehdi , Currently pursuing BE. I’m a fledgling poet and writer, indulged in depicting tangled thoughts into simpler words.

As any other introvert I prefer solitude while musing on my own notions. Writing has always been an escape to me. It’s with the words I play often to unravel the depths of my soul.

For me, that is all it.Hoping to prosper this field as I can, I hope people address all the inner voices heard in my write ups.

Social media handles: 1) https://instagram.com/the.heart.talks_?igshid= YmMyMTA2M2Y=

2) https://instagram.com/shaistha_mehdi?igshid= YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Email: shaisthamehdi2@gmail.com


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