The Farmer

Editor: Mrinali Jadhav

Once upon a time in Italy, there lived a farmer. He was a hard-working, decent man who had a nice, prosperous farm which was his lifetime’s achievement. But just like with all of us, his clock didn’t go backward.

And every day seemed to put a tiny little bit of additional weight on his tired shoulder …oh so slightly. But since he was also a very reasonable man. One day he decided he’d have to find someone who could help him to manage his farm. It would have to be someone who would be able to be confident around the cattle and who would take good care of the life stock. Someone who cares.So, one day the farmer saddled his horse and went to the nearest village to find the life that he needed.

While looking around the main square he spotted a young fellow. He was tall, but also quite thin. He only young man who was there though so the farmer decided to address him. “I’m looking for someone who could help me with my farm. Are you in such for employment?”“I wouldn’t mind that at all sir”. The young man replied. “Do you have any experience working on a farm?” the farmer asked. “I can sleep during a stormy night”. The young man replied.“Excuse me?” the farmer was startled. “I can sleep during a stormy night”. He repeated calmly. The farmer thought that this young man must have been somehow disturbed. So, he left him there and went on wandering through the town.

All day long he walked the streets of that small town but he wasn’t able to find anyone who would have liked to work on his farm. So as the evening approached the farmer went back to the main square to get his horse and head towards his property. When he noticed the tall young man from before who was still sitting there.“What’s your name?”-He tried a different approach. “Farmankampolious” The young man answered.As the farmer was tired and resigned to his intent, he thought wouldn’t make any difference to give it another try.

Farmankampolious – “Could you work on the farm?”“Yes! I can sleep during stormy nights”. Was the again the answer?“You know what, come with me if you want. We will see what you can do”. The farmer said.The young man was happy enough to follow him.

A few weeks passed. Farmankampolious was working at the farm.But the farmer didn’t have the time to check on him since he was busy himself. Until one night a terrible storm broke out. The farmer knew the wind would blow the straw away, scare the cattle and blow the gate of the barn and the stables open.So, he rushed to Farmankampolious room to wake him. “Farmankampolious ! Wake up! -he shouted while the storm roared outside. However still, he received no response.

‘Farmankampolious! Again, he shouted desperately with the same results.So, he ran down to the stables himself and was ready to face the catastrophe. When he saw the stables and the barns gates both were shut. The straw and the feed sacks were all well fixed and the animals were safe and sound inside their boxes.

A smile appeared on the old farmer’s wrinkled face and he thought to himself: “Farmankampolious can truly sleep during a stormy night”!


You see in life In your life, if you know what you are doing.

If you are prepared, then you too can sleep through any storm.No matter what you do in life. Stay calm and always be prepared.

Do your work, and know your worth.That after, nothing can get you out of your calm.If your party or are lazy all day long

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