Monsters & the Master

Written By Writer Ruchir Prajapati Edited by Mrinali Jadhav

Maybe they were destined never to be together because of some arbitrary fate, or perhaps the future had different plans for everyone.

It was after some months that they had fought and disconnected but now were again facing each other, both did not want to confront each other but Raise was now the manager at a hotel where Scarlette was staying. She had to initiate the talk this time but was cold and businesslike ” I want the bellboy to take my cat to my room”.

Raise hesitated and said, “You know we could have been so much…if only…..”. No response was expected but Scarlette was curious rather than emotional this time so she chatted with him about his work then stopped and went to her room. Then days passed she did not even venture out of her room only after two days the service staff became worried about her state they decided to give her a call in the room.

She just picked up the phone and told them she was fine and not to disturb her again, but raise did not understand what she was going through. After one more day, he personally knocked on the door and now was told more harshly by Scarlett to keep his distance. It was now the seventh day and winter snowfall was beginning, the tourist specifically came to see the snow-filled Zu la valley.

But she did not open the door to even peek at the snowfall not even from her fourth-floor balcony window, raise was concerned and suspicious of her behavior. He could not confront Scarlett because she was a paying customer, so he chose to spy on her by installing a camera looking at her balcony. It was on the ninth day he saw the footage of the previous night “good god what is that thing” he not only saw a big monster get out of Scarlett’s room but also saw her sitting on its back.

The monster was as white as the snow and it was furry looking like a big thin panda with no black spots on its coat. Raise was perplexed and worried and quickly ran towards Scarlett’s room as he approached the door swung open, and he saw Scarlett with her luggage out of the room with the cats sitting gracefully on the luggage.

He worriedly asked her “What was that thing you were on…sitting on its back ”, she looked nervous and replied with a stutter “hmm wha…t are you tal…king about”. Now she started composing herself and said “ Raise what exactly are you doing questioning a guest?”. 

He hesitated a bit but took out his tablet computer and showed her the footage of her with the unknown monster. Now she was upset and scared but she calmly said “I need to tell you something”….” you know why I broke up with you because you smother me with all the care”….” now listen very carefully I am a master of this monster I  transform it I control it”….” and you are not going to tell this to anyone”.

Raise was now even more confused and as he again tried to question her, the cat on the luggage transformed into the white monster and viciously clawed Raise, but he fought valiantly and defeated the monster killing him. Scarlette then smiled and kissed Raise transforming him into a cat. As she exited the hotel into the snow-filled valley Raise was now leading her, everybody she loved turned into a monster but Raise was the most impressive kind of cat that actually made her follow him.

And now that she admired him and his charm and spell she couldn’t tell if the cat is a monster or the master,  does she own him or he owns her. She looked at Raise which killed the monster and now was a monster itself,  kissed it thinking out loud “ you are just too protective Raise”. And both of them now lived a wild life of traveling to foreign lands where the monster was needed to kill other monsters, being a monster was a curse but also a blessing.

All the monsters were slaves to the master but no one ever formed a relationship with the master, Raise was the only one who even after transforming into a monster stayed true to his initiative and helped the master achieve her true potential becoming the only monster of the master.

This mutual co-existence was very impressive for modern times and an example for all, beyond any fame or fortune this was a true eternal friendship between two different creatures.

Hey there dear reader, hope you enjoyed reading this story. If you loved it then please help us share the word by sharing the link, know that this will motivate the writer to write more such amazing pieces.


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