Being Humane

Written by Writer Gayathri R. and Edited by Mrinali Jadhav

Life is a long journey between human being and being Humane. Most of us are just human beings and forget to be humane. 

Life is a long journey in which we get to experience the world around us, experiencing and understanding its complexities, learning from our mistakes, improving and growing beyond recognition – to grow in real terms, and most importantly we must learn to value and respect the lives around us!

This is how a human being goes through what it takes to be humane. What makes human beings unique or different from other species? It’s about “the way we live our life”. Again…The “way of life” and the “way of living” are totally different. This may sound a little absurd! Many of us here are just alive. But it is not the way to have a life. The way of life includes how we as humans process a certain situation or how we respond.

This includes understanding the situation and how we respond to it. That being so, the way of life determines the course and the future of the creatures having a life. Willingness to respect others’ response, perspective, thoughts, and emotions; acceptance to universal truth, and ability to understand the feelings and misfortunes of others make humans humane. These qualities make humans the best but then, it is an extremely time-consuming series of changes pertaining to human development. 

Nowadays, it’s really rare to find a human being who is calm, composed, compassionate, well-meaning, and kind-hearted! Being humane is a virtue. But cultivating and practising these virtues take years together!Being humane is all about those journey of sensible steps chosen in accordance with wisdom. This journey of sensible steps begins with the first step of being sensible and taking care of our actions. So, whatever we do, it needs to be done or felt and through in response to a condition which makes the world more liveable and a better place to survive.

Only with experience can we understand what is wrong or what is right and what really contributes to human growth. Next time, when you are about to respond to a person, give a pause, take a deep breath for atleast 5 seconds, and then share your response. It might be different from the one that you do it instantly. Moreover, always try to respond to a situation rather than just reacting. 

Remember, people out there are battling with their inner demons. Let’s learn to be more compassionate and kind-hearted! The world needs more of love, more of kindness, more of compassion, more of joy, and more of laughter! Because, a little love is all we need and I definitely want to contribute to that!

Hello there dear reader, hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please help us send the word around and motivate the writer.


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