Sleeping On Your Stomach During Pregnancy

Written by Writer Megha Badiger and edited by Editor Surabhi Kumar

Being pregnant is a wonderful experience and one to be cherished forever. However, it is also a time when your body goes through a lot of physical changes. This can lead to some discomfort and changes in your sleep patterns. As women often experience the most sleep difficulties during pregnancy. Here are some of the important basic facts on sleeping on your stomach during pregnancy.  

First Trimester

Sleeping on the stomach during early pregnancy is unlikely to cause any complications. The uterus is safely nestled behind the pubic bone, which prevents any external pressure from harming the fetus. 

Second Trimester

During this period, sleeping on your belly adds additional pressure to these organs and increases your risk of heartburn. 

Third Trimester

Lying down on your stomach can wreak havoc on blood circulation and reduce the supply of nutrients to the baby.

Sleeping Positions in Pregnancy

A good night’s sleep while pregnant may seem impossible, but there are certain sleeping positions that can help. Here are some comfortable sleeping positions that you can try during pregnancy to get a comfortable sleep. It is important to understand that while pregnant, one is sleeping for two. For the best health of mom and baby, it is equally necessary to know the sleeping positions that you should avoid during pregnancy.

Best sleeping position

Lying on the sides is one of the best sleeping positions during pregnancy as it improves blood circulation and even helps in kidney productivity. Many experts recommend sleeping on the left side as it promotes proper nutrition for the baby. 

Worst Sleeping Position

Lying on your back while pregnant leads to back pain and hemorrhoids and obstruct blood flow. This affects the baby’s nutrients and at the same time, causes changes in your blood pressure leading to dizziness. 

Sleeping tips during pregnancy

1.Make a sleep schedule.

2.Establish and stick to a sleep schedule. This will start a cycle that sends the signal to your body when it is time to sleep.

3.Stay hydrated during the day.

4.Take care to drink water during the daytime.

5.Slow down as the night approaches, as you can then avoid waking up in the night to pee. 

6.Sleep on your left sideBy the time you hit the 20th week, you should be sleeping on your left side to ensure optimum blood flow to the developing fetus. 


• Avoid having spicy and acidic foods as they can cause heartburn, making it difficult to sleep. Many recommend eating a high-protein diet shortly before sleeping to avoid a low blood sugar situation. 

• Exercise and meditationRegular exercise and meditation help lower some of the symptoms associated with pregnancy, such as hot flashes that can make sleeping difficult.  


You can either stack up some pillows from home or purchase specially designed maternity pillows for sound sleep.


Tight-fitting clothes and synthetic fabric need to be stashed away for good and replaced with loose cotton clothes. Remember, this is just a temporary adjustment.

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