Little Things

Written by Writer Shaistha Mehdi and Edited by Editor Meghana

It’s always about the imperfections of two people. It’s about finding a person who’s as imperfect as you are, who not only understands your love but accepts all your insecurities, possessiveness, anger and jealousy as well. These are the Little things that count.

Embracing one’s love is actually a treat to one’s sole self which is no doubt a selfish act if you don’t embrace their insecurities as much as their love. It’s about finding a person who’s loyal enough to refuse giving your special spot in their life to someone else even if that someone is better than you.

You’ll know you’ve found the one when you can blindly have faith in them, when little things aren’t just little but are very special with them, when their voice brings peace to your ears, when their smile brings a smile on your face too, when seeing them happy is all you want in life, when your little world feels confined around theirs, when… when you can continue listing these little things forever.


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