Written by Writer G Brinda and Edited by Editor Mrinali Jadhav

Okay, I am in the forest again with Asher running by my side. Amora happened to be the Queen’s daughter, but she wanted her cousin on the throne since she knew her mother’s cruel ways. She helped me and Asher escape with a few weapons.

All she asked me was, “Maeve, just find my sister and please get rid of my mother from the throne.” All I said was that I will try my best. I of course couldn’t make fake promises. “Maeve, are you here?” Asher shakes me. “Yeah, I am. Asher, how are we going to find the others?” We had started walking now.

He comes closer and puts his hand on my shoulder. “I heard some of the soldiers talking about others like us. I think they must have captured them even before they got to us.” “You are right, Ash.”

I see Camille coming out of the bushes with a knife in her hand. She looked exhausted and her clothes were torn. I had never been happier to see her.

I didn’t think twice before running toward her and hugging her. She was tall for me. Then, Asher comes and hugs us from my behind.

Camille says, “Guys, we need to reach the village before any of the Parsity soldiers comes here.” I nodded and indicated her to lead the way. By the evening, we had come to a small village amid the jungle. The men looked at me and Asher as if we were some disease but acknowledged Camille.

How do they know her? “Maeve, bow.” I didn’t. The men behind her raised their arms, but she silenced them. “Quite a fighter you are. I wonder how they let you escape.”

She says I groaned. “Why does everyone keep saying that and who are you?” She walked towards me and smiled, “I am the long-lost princess of Frain and the rightful heir to the throne.”I stared at her and what she said next shook me, “ I am Maeve.”

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