Written by Writer Siri Sushmita and Edited by Editor Mrinali Jadhav

Why should I need to be in a relationship if it's not true?
Why should I be in a relationship with him even if I know it hurts?
Why even when they are not genuine in a relationship?
Why should I be the one only to need to be pure and need to patiently forgive them for everything?
Why can't they do that same? 
It hurts to know the same person you know cheated on you,
I feel scared to marry,
 what will happen when I see my husband with someone else,
I don't have that much strength to face that.
So I keep running from marriage even though I know I should face it one day.
And that day is not that much far ahead.
I feel scared.
Everyone thinks I got over my breakup and they started asking me why you didn't start another one?
Why can't they all understand I am scared to do that?
How it will be like when your husband has relationship with someone else behind your back and you get to know that. 
I don't know, when I see these all things around me I feel scared...
I some times feel I no longer believe in love...
I want to run away from all these things..
I don't want to be with  anyone...
It's better to be single than like that....

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