Written by Writer Ruchir Prajapati and Edited by Editor Mrinali Jadhav

The hospital ceiling was holding some twinkling stars and swans were whirling around to create a sweet breeze.  Rori was deathly sick for the past twenty days he was about to be released into the human world again he was excited. But doctor dragon told him even though he will get into the wild human world remember that his sickness has affected his legs and that he cannot travel far and walk swiftly, and probably need to take rest for three more months. Rori still had sweet memories of Salice and dreamed of seeing her even though he was living amongst a large population of angels.

The thing was Salice was thousands of miles away and a journey back would definitely make him sick again, he was weakened by the disease. So he was living where he was released unable to travel far he was surviving in an uncomfortable situation. It was hard because he did not know the language of the place he was stuck in, even though he loved the culture and language of the area.  He was unable to function without using the language, apart from that he was also sick and alone with his secret mission. But he also had the mountains to console him yet reminded him of the unfulfilled mission and the dark arts he needed to conquer there.

After the disease, his work was delayed for three more months and he could not return to his town again and see her once again. Now Rori was working as much as he could every day and making soups for his survival but a healing ingredient Seeragam from his other realm was over and he had to find it in his vicinity. So he limped to nearby stores one by one and found many new and useful vegetables and spices but could not find Seeragam. As the night approached and his shadow diminished to be consumed by the darkness around he realized the dangers the human forests held and decided to delay his quest for another day and rest for the night.

His camp was cozy but lacked many amenities and most importantly he felt alone and helpless sometimes.The nights were restless as well because he had nightmares all the time, but he was determined to survive all these states of terror. His life was in survival mode for the past many years as many demons were chasing him to give up his quest to learn the dark arts of the human world.

Rori was a determined soul unmoved by magic, allurements, and other human desires. At least he tried to be because his goal was to learn the dark arts and conquer the human world.  Now it was a day off for him and it was that other day that Rori would limp yet again to find Seeragam and cross the deadly forest paths. He picked up a stick to fend off gangs of dogs that annoyed him the last time. But he knew more vicious creatures were present in the forest the stick was a consolation just in case.Some paths had houses and some had stores but most of the path was between patches of forests. The sun was lost when he was in these patches but he saw some brave hawkers selling beautiful fresh flowers and waiting for the slow traffic of pedestrians. Most days of these hawkers were uninteresting but today a limping Rori would ask them about the magical spice of Seeragam, hoping that somehow they will understand his language and he could understand them. But one must endure these challenges to learn the dark arts which were not so dark and malevolent. In search of Serragam, our protagonist traverse the forests and stores, only to be disappointed and lost.

So he found his way back to his camp and while sifting through the food shelf he found a bag full of Seeragam. Now he learned that what is already inside cannot be found outside it can be a bag of Seeragam or happiness.     

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