Written By Writer G Brinda and Edited by Editor Manogya Singh

I and Camille entered the castle through the servant’s way. Maeve said that she would keep the soldiers busy fighting while I counter the Queen.

Asher waited for us at the exit point, while we finished our job.

“I am unable to imagine that I would ever, like ever team up with you, Cam.’She smirks,

“Is that why you hugged me?”

“Well, I was never happier to see you. I …I”

“Maeve, I hated you, I hate you still.”


“Because you are everything I wanted to be and Asher had been crushing over you for as long as I can remember. I was jealous of you.”

“You aren’t now?”



“Because we are friends.”I smiled.

She turned and looked at me. Holding my hand she said, “Shall we get those nymphs?”I nodded. We searched everywhere for the Queen but instead found our other friends. I ran to them.“Guys, it’s me Maeve.”Flynn rushed towards us, with the remaining following, “Maeve, you’ve got to stop the witch.”


“She is …… behind you.”I and Camille turned around to see a stunning woman.“Looks like my other nymphs are here as well. Listen, I will give you all the riches you can ever dream of just let me finish my sacrifice.”Star screamed, “It’s a human sacrifice.”I lunged at her.

While Camille tackled the other witch. I pushed her towards the wall, knocking her over. Before I could give her another hit, she gave a full blow at my stomach that I was rolling over.

I saw a stick rolling towards me.“Maeve,” Camille shouted and ran towards me.The queen froze. The other witch shouted, “My Queen, the stick, take it fast.”I looked at the queen. The prophecy.I grabbed the stick and broke it! 

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