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Death Checked Out : Editorial Review

Review by Creative Editor Ruth Pal Chaudhuri and Book Information by Editor-in-chief Mrinali Jadhav at Unverbalise.com .

Book Specifications : Death Checked Out , The Larkspur Library Mystery, is a novel 2022 novel written by Author Leah Dobrinska. The book was mainly featured in the Mystery Thriller Genre. The editors at Unverbalise had the privilege to read the Reviewer’s Copy offered by Netgalley.

Review :Rating :- 4 / 5

Tags :- Recommend, Must Read 

The story begins very well. It starts with a very beautiful description of Larkspur. The imagery is so beautiful that you can feel being transported to the beach and the quiet Avenue. It’s really a picture painted with words.

A town described to be a small illustration to the quiet in nature during the season of fall.

Now go ahead and imagine having a murder happen in such a quiet and small town where everybody knows everyone and people know the routine of everybody else like you know your neighbour’s whole schedule, it is that small of a town.

And this is exactly what the protagonist Greta Plank sees. Now Greta Plank is a librarian, and in the beginning there is a hint of her having a mysterious past that caused her to shift her location and come to this small town of Larkspur. This mystery will unfold as the novel progresses.

Coming back to the story, it is, as the name suggest, a murder mystery and it has all the essential elements of making it actually a gripping story. You are not given any idea as to who the murderer can be because everything around the whole scene of the murder is very suspicious.

It can be an accident, it can be a murder and it can be anything to highlight the possibility without giving away any hasty clues and hints. Thus it is indeed a very realistic setting.So in a way, you are actually working alongside the protagonist and the detective in the story to uncover the clues and track down the cause of the death and highlight whether it is a murder or an accident.

It is actually a very gripping read and it can be read in one sitting. But the issue lies in the way the story is written. At times there is way too much explaining done and at times things are over simplified.

While it can be chalked down to being written in a narrative way and readers are not led in to start their own investigation, for fans of Christie and Hitchcock, this can be a bummer. That said, I am a fan of Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchcock, and I do like to have a story where clues are sprinkled all over for the reader to latch upon and have an idea that perhaps this is a murder and these maybe the suspects and this kind of writing where you are clueless till the end with nothing but a few leads is also a great way to stick around till the end and scratch your head for the answers.

All in all I think I would give this book a four out of five because it does have all the elements which would make it a good mystery plot. Moreover the length of the book gives the reader the freedom to complete the entire mystery in one sitting.


This review is written from a sole point of view of entertainment and does not violate the copyright of the authors / creators | Initiative Project by Editorial Board of Unverbalise & Department Of Creative Editing at Unverbalise 

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