Enemy of Humanity

Written by Writer Siri Sushmita and Edited by Editor Shashwati Khatai

“Who is the greatest enemy of humans?” Well, the question seems simple enough to be answered, yet one of the most debated if noted and answered with evidence.

Some say wild animals and some will say aliens. The scientists have enough research for them to be able to tame any sort of wild animals. The aliens which we might only see as the enemy we prepare to fight regardless of our very faint proof about their exist. Science, which considered the most advanced with every passing moment, can never consider preserving what we have been gifted with.

But we are prepared for both the wild animal and alien situation. Human is gifted with a brain that can think and make decisions. And humans are blessed to have emotion they can convey. Considering the argument earlier now human should be safe. Humans himself may be the worst threat to themselves. Because of some of the very emotion although irrational that overdrives human thought process and decision making, .i.e. envy, greed and jealousy.

Because of these emotions that make human feel, they don’t have adequate amount of power or the thing which they consider is most important to them. Some might decline the presence of such irrational emotion in them, yet considering the fact they are human that seems to be wrong. We compare ourselves to other, and then we feel the disappointed that we lack something.

Because of greed and the though we want more, human always started to fight each other. The history of humanity is the proof of endless war till they lost their sanity and countless lives. When it comes to jealously, we may not accept that it troubles us when ignored. Because there is no such thing as wrong act when we are desiring something that is not ours. Because the desire has not done anything wrong and is not a crime, that is what we say. A relationship followed with care and sharing.

Some times we forget the line when we stop taking advantages of people because of our underlining jealousy and ended up losing a precious person. But often it is difficult to accept it, and some secretly enjoy it. Hence, those people end up snatching the precious things that matters other most by using any means to the point where it turned out to be illegal. Making the things complicated and past the point of no return.

And this is because of greed and jealousy. The same goes for work place incidents when we have the news such as people not co-operating with each other, because they fear of losing the credit they have not even worked for. Just complaining that we don’t have the promotion because of the management or the fellow employ just got lucky for getting the raise. The corporate work is ruthless, yet it is wrong for us to hold the irrational and hard feeling which make us no better of a human. And this sure cost our kindness.

So the question raises, how much is too much? How much money and power is too much? Why a billionaire is still obsessed with more money? I just want to ask them, didn’t feel they it is enough? The positive side if there is no greed, envy, and jealousy. People will accept each other wholeheartedly and help each other. I can proudly say there will be no need for us to fight each other using the man power and military. Because they are not invading our countries just for the sake of displaying power.

There won’t be any nuclear attack or cyber-attack. The military will only be present to fight the outside threat, which won’t be another human.

Hence, the science will work to protect the humankind. Developing the knowledge together which will be a thousand time more effective and worth researching for the humanity.

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