Written By Writer G Brinda and edited by Editor Anshika Raj

I was sitting inside a tent with Asher, Camille, and Maeve after a good day’s meal. Camille said that the Marses had got to her before the Parsity.

Then I and Asher tell her our side of the story.

“I must say, Maeve, I am impressed. Looks like the ancient prophecy is for you, not me.”

“Prophecy?”Camille says,

“It goes like this-Fire or ice. She shall rise.Fight for what is rightAnd leave with what is hers.Kind from coreA warrior like never before.Break what is precious. Don’t fall under her graciousAll hail, Maeve.”

Maeve comes and sits in front of me, “I need your help.”She says that tomorrow the Queen shall be performing a sacrifice which shall make her invincible, therefore it needs to be stopped.

I said that I will help her.“Tell you something, I miss my father even though he left me alone.”

I was shocked but asked, “Why are you telling me this?”“We share names. So thought I’d share a few feelings too.”I kept quiet. She interpreted the silence as I, too, had a troubled family. She holds my hands and says, “Maeve, don’t do things you will regret later. Give it at least one chance.”

Tears start rolling from my eyes, “You don’t know what he did to my mother, what he did to me. Don’t judge me.”

“We don’t come to know the value of people until they’re gone. After that, all that is left inside of us is regret and guilt of what would have happened if we’d had chosen the other way. Try giving him a chance.”

I nodded. I looked at the fire.Maeve, I’ve never known any other person braver than you. You are my world, and everything else.I let the tears flow.

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