Black Swan

Written by Writer and Editor Ruth Pal Chaudhuri

Black Swan, the death of creativity.
I never thought I'd see you so soon.
But here we are,
Sitting across each other.

Trying to accept what is.
I stopped thinking,I stopped feeling.
And, I think you are doing the same.
I cannot write anything.

Maybe because I don't feel anymore?
Or maybe I don't want to?
But words were my allies.
Words were my only truth.

How is it I'm still alive?How is it I'm all alone?
Black Swan, did you know,
That we all will die so soon.
And one day, you will be alone?

Where will you go?Who will you look out for?
Whose soul will you cherish?How will you live on your own?
Black Swan, let me live.
For one last time.Let me flame, let me chime.

 Soon, i know, embers will glow.
As I will silently let the words go.
But, before that, let me live.
And let me be your friend.

Let me start once more.
Before I simply reach my end.

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