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The Concierge : Editorial Review

By Creative Editor Ruth Pal Chaudhuri & Book Information by Editor-in-chief Mrinali Jadhav

Book Specifications : The Concierge – the stunning 2022 psychological thriller from the best-selling author of The Visitors, The Arrangement, The New Neighbour, Author Miranda Rijks.The editors at Unverbalise had the privilege to read the Reviewer’s Copy offered by Netgalley.

Description : They hired an assistant to help them. But she has other plans.

High-flying duo Goldie and Braun Delucci run a major film production company. But recently their gilded lives were touched by tragedy when one of their leading actors, Ally, died in a car crash.What the Deluccis don’t realise is that their newly hired private assistant is actually Ally’s sister.

Simone is convinced Ally’s death was suspicious and she is determined to find out what happened on that terrible night.Simone’s new job puts her at the heart of a rich, dysfunctional family. As she digs for the truth about Ally’s death, she realises someone is watching her. And they want her gone.

That just makes Simone more determined to discover whatever terrible secret the Deluccis are hiding. But she doesn’t understand she is about to uncover something so dark, so shocking that her own life may never be the same again.

Rating :- 3.5 / 5

Tags :- Top Reads, Mind-blowing 

Review: Thrillers can comprise so many emotions. While most people think that thrillers are just some murder and some detective solving the said murder in some out-of-reach area, a thriller is more than just a technical approach to the darker side of the human psyche. 

Proper thrillers, as Miss Marple would say, come from the least expected places. This has been proven right in my instance of seeking a ‘proper’ thriller to enter the new year. 

First of all, I have just finished watching the k-drama titled Vincenzo, where the protagonist happens to be a concierge for the mafia. So, when the name popped up in Netgalley’s suggestion, I had to read the summary. While the book and the series have nothing in common, I did find the storyline interesting and started to read it. 

So let’s begin with my most favourite part of the novel- the characters. They are so well-defined and aptly staged in the book. There are separate points of view from many characters that you feel you are getting a 360-degree view of the whole matter. But, you will still not be able to reach the finale and think that you knew the criminal all along.

This reminds me of Mary Higgin Clark’s portrayal of characters where you are sure you know who the murderer is, but alas! You are wrong. Coming back to the characters, we are mainly going to follow Simone as she tries to uncover the secrets behind the death of her sister, Ally.

When the story opens, the very first tone set is that both the sisters are poles apart in terms of personalities. Simone does have her differences with Ally, but she does not let those thoughts fester into something darker; at the end of the day, her sister’s well-being matters the most to her. 

Another point that highlights the difference between Simone and Ally is that Simone loves to stay away from the limelight and lead a quiet life, whereas Ally thrives in the limelight and is a rising and popular actress. But the younger sister’s death makes Simone walk into Ally’s world to find the truth behind the ‘accident’.  

The pace of the book is just right. You will not feel the book is droning and hamming on without reaching the climax, nor will it make you feel like the most important aspects were never revealed or explained. In fact, this tight yet detailed writing got me hooked on the book and the writer.

After I put a period to this review, I will look up more books by  Miranda Rijks. Till then, I hope you guys enjoy reading both the review and the book The Concierge by  Miranda Rijks.


This review is written from a sole point of view of entertainment and does not violate the copyright of the authors / creators | Initiative Project by Editorial Board of Unverbalise & Department Of Creative Editing at Unverbalise 

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