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Written by Writer Anshika Yadav and edited by Editor Mrinali Jadhav

There's a bright side, to every wrong thing.
When the truth covered with a lone wing,
If you're looking at it through the right eyes
Tied with the thread of alluring lies.

It seems like beautiful disaster.
Spreads like a venom faster,
Unleashing the brute in the devastating fire,
Which is flying in the sky of odium, higher.

Ever thought about the fragile petals? 
Trapped inside the glass case,
Who just wants a warm embrace,
Trying to keep their fragility safe.

Toxicity surrounded by stars,
Slowly dying and turning into dazzling scars,
The darkness you always felt, wasn't because of you,
It was all cause of of that menacing brute.

Would you still embrace those thorns? 
Who has never witnessed the spring's morn,
Will always cover themselves with their hypocrisy,
Yet there are thousand stories to tell about their atrocity

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