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Written by Writer Deepti Khatkar and Edited by Editor Mrinali

A new year, a new beginning is a gateway of new possibilities.

Hope blooms expectations and confidence boosts certainty.A possibility is everywhere. The world is an open space and isn’t limited or confined within boundaries. What limits people, are language and culture.

Peace and brotherhood aren’t mere words to be showcased. These are practiced and result in harmony. It’s the possibility of a safer world.Acceptance and rejection are two sides of the same coin. One invites while the other throws out. It’s the possibility of a change.It isn’t an exact science or philosophy. It is a chance, or a doubt, whether to be it, or not.

Choices depend on possibilities.Time as a metaphysical concept flows with it. Being an all-knower, it is aware of the outcomes. What is sure and certain, goes on and on.In a lifetime, no one can grab onto things, people, or emotions for long. One has to let go to pave way for another.

Author’s note

It is necessary for people to observe and grow and not lose hope. A little hint of something good or bad is going to happen makes us a step ahead of living our lives.

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