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Black Magic

Written by Writer Aisha K. and Reviwed by Editor Mrinali Jadhav

I dared to dream an impossible dream,
In a cursed castle, I expected a Nirvana new.
I was a psych psycho who heard myself scream,
That I fell prey to good looks, I couldn't subdue.

How I desperately wanted you to die,
But darling, you were already paranormal.
You were a monster's master, an evil butterfly,
That was incredibly invincible and evidently eternal.

I thought I liked you, maybe I was in love;
But your presence was a tragedy, I had no clue.
Maybe you casted a spell on me, more than enough;
The Oracle in my dream, was an epitome quite true.

You chased, then trapped and then captured me,
I wish I was omnipotent to outsmart you.
Your epic epilogue was obvious, hence I could foresee;
How you hypnotised and manipulated me, I already knew.

I saw dead end, as I was dead and saw the end;
When you were Alpha and I was beta to you.
And you were a vampire with venom, I could comprehend,
And I couldn't be a firefly to a demon who's untrue.

I failed the final and I couldn't escape,
I saw you celebrating in triumph, your victory.
Maybe I was delusional to have hopes incase,
But those confetti was an example to create history.

You admit how strongly you practiced black magic on me,
I had no hopes to even dream to run away.
Maybe you were supported by devil that I couldn't be free,
But my God is stronger and with faith I'll still pray!

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