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Writer by Writer Siri Sushmita and edited by Editor Ruth Pal Chaudhari

What it feels like you when you want to do same thing again and again?

It makes us understand how weak our willpower can be. Addictions depend on person to person. Well it all starts with curiosity then it slowly becomes addiction.Addictions are so harmful in any form whether it’s a thing or a human. It’s better to control our addiction in the starting stage than waiting to develop till harmful stage.

When we are addicted to any person it’s like either we become more dependent on them or forcing/ controlling them to do things which we like. Sometimes it may become obsessive which leads to hurting them.When it comes to the things which are addicted it’s also have bad side like longtime smoking and drinking causes serious health issue. If you are drinking outside or unknown place because of alcohol we tend to lose control and others may take advantage of this thing and some disadvantage thing may happen to you and same goes for drugs.

Some may started as fun and some maybe to overcame one thing or may we can say can’t accept reality, not only that even games or any things we have addicted is bad to us. Some things make us lazy, some divert attentions and some are like losing our family for example gambling.

Main root causes of addictions are trauma, mental health struggles, and genetic predisposition.Better to stop any type of addiction in start than regret later. Every type/any form of addiction are harmful to us.




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