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Written by Writer Pooja Warrier and edited by Editor Mrinali Jadhav

As I stood soaking in the daylight picture-perfect surroundings, an uninvited guest perched on my window; hopping and singing in the most sweet-sounding voice of the glory of far-off places and the beauty of love.

But I paid no heed as I had bigger fish to fry. Morning, noon and night it called out to spark my interest and in response, I shooed away the little feathered intruder.

Days went by, yet the avian worked with all its blood, sweat and tears solely to rivet my attention. Then, came along the day when I finally decided to throw in the towel. My new found friend brought me flowers from distant lands and hummed melodies that was out of earshot, yet unfeigned to the heart. In return, I unlocked the flood gates of the restricted areas of my soul.

I fed it with all the love in the world for which I was paid back handsomely with its devoted presence. Best kind of days lay ahead and I embraced a universe so vivid that promised me nothing but love, joy and happiness.

As the calendar pages flipped, our encounters became habitual. Listening to each other’s delicate fears and ardent desires, as thick as thieves we had become, a bonding so specially blended and our souls entwined like it was all meant to be.

Until, I woke up to find the colors that had filled my surreal world had vanished one fine day and to apprehend that the world in my dreams were nothing more than mere words. Shattered like a tower of cards and I came around to see that the one that had been interweaved into my being, sang tunes that resonated with my soul had left without a word, leaving me all alone and miserable.

I was left with no dreams, no desires but tears and pain. Today, I’m alone holding desperately onto those beautiful memories – debris of the shattered world of my dreams!

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